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Gardening predictions 2022

The way in which gardening practices in the UK is changing here I have discussed some of the change I think are going to happen their impacts on people and the environment.

Greener from the ground up

Gardeners are becoming less willing to use plastics and pesticides. Issues with supply from overseas will encourage recycling and buying secondhand. Increase awareness of the biodiversity crisis is encouraging organic methods.

Brighter colours and more perennials

As people’s confidence returns, so will the taste for more strident flowers. The high fuel costs will inhibit importation of cut flowers and bedding plant production resolving more production of low-temperature bedding, violas, etc, and people growing dahlias, zinnias, etc at home in their gardens.

Covid taught us to relax in outdoor spaces

The pandemic has taught people of all ages how to use public gardens and outdoor spaces. You don't have to walk around a garden and then go home. It’s not a museum - you can sit, chill out, chat.

More ponds for well-being and wildlife

People are really conscious of the environment and want to bring nature closer. We will start to see more ponds. Anyone can have one and if you have a pond, wildlife will follow.

We will also see less and less pressure to have a pristine garden. It’s ok to let some of the weeds grow; clover in the lawn is an excellent source of nectar for bees, for example. We are starting to learn all the good a less manicured garden can do. 

Unleash the wonder of the soil

The growing awareness of climate means that soil is coming into sharper focus. More gardeners are turning their attention to soil biology, as it plays a vital role in soil health. Besides benefits to plant growth, the open structure of healthy soil stores more water in preparation for drought, reduced natural emissions of greenhouse gasses that can occur after heavy rainfall, reduces digging, and increased plant coverage using locally produced compost will help to maximize soil carbon storage. 

Using adaptable plants and saving water

We see a change in planting - lots of people are asking for drought-tolerant plants, for plants that can adapt to the changes we are seeing in our gardens. Many people are finding ways to harvest water and to water less.

Retro classics reborn

Click this text to start editing. This Crazy paving will have its moment in the sun: reclaimed and recycled materials are set to be really popular in 2022, not just for their wonderful textures and potential but for their environmental credentials too.

People have had enough of crisp paving and the upkeep it entails and low cement gardens are becoming popular as people realize the huge carbon footprint of cement. and text block is great for descriptions about your business, products, or services. Double-click the image on the right to change it. You can also stack more of these blocks to describe items with imagery.

Drought threat giving way to wildflowers

Down in the southeast, dry summers have brought an end to the idea that a lawn should be green in summer: this has been a catalyst for no-mow-May and wildflower lawns. Now the planting of our borders is catching up: delphiniums are losing favor and salvias are proving their worth. 

Goodbye grass

One of the biggest things we will see in 2022 is people saying no to the lawn, Instead, people are looking towards practical hard landscaping, mixing it with perennial and wildflower species. We’ve spent more time in our gardens than ever before and there is a trend to making it a space that can be used more often. Pergolas and outdoor shelters and summer houses are increasingly popular making the garden an extension of the home.

Hedges instead of walls

With an increased demand for wildlife-friendly and sustainable gardening, natural boundaries are becoming more popular. Not only are hedges more beautiful, but they are also cheaper too. Security is another important advantage: by choosing spiny plants such as blackthorn (Prunus Spinosa) you can make your property less attractive to burglars.